That little someone.

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No matter how careful I try to be

That little someone just sticks to me

He just loves to mess things up for me and never leaves me be

When I fancy a cup of tea

Or when I try to climb a tree

That little devil named clumsy

Always makes a fool of me

Looking back, some time later, on these little tricks of clumsiness

You’ll find yourself with a good little laugh of how clumsy you’ve been.

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Promises, then and now.

via Daily Prompt: Promises

Let me start off with a story of a disciple of Confucius, Zeng Zi  曾子.

Once upon a time, when Zeng’s wife was all set to go to the market place, their son put up a tearful scene, insisting on following his mother to the market. “If you behave and stay at home until I get back, I will slaughter a pig and make you your favourite pork dish” said the mother to the son, and of course the son, in anticipation of his favourite dish, stopped crying and the mother went to the market place alone.

When she returned home, Zeng was ready to slaughter a pig and his wife stopped him, saying that she was merely kidding with the child. In response Zeng told his wife:”A child is not to be kidded like that”. A child learns from his parents, if he is told lies by his parents, he will too end up telling lies. Zeng also said that if parents lie to their children, they will not trust them anymore, and how are they then to educate their children?

Of course, Zeng slaughtered the pig and made his son’s favourite dish.

If you read history or literature, you will find that in most cultures around the globe, people were taught to keep and honour their promises. Aristotle said “A promise made must be a promise kept” ; Song Dynasty poet Wang An Shi said “A promise weighs more than a hundred catties”. Until now, promises can be enforced in a court of law.

But, have you ever wondered why promises matter?

Promises matter, simply because, when a promise is broken, it communicates the message to the other party that he or she is not valued. When more than one promise is broken, the other person simply regards you as a liar. For some governments, they are not only liars, but chronic, habitual liars.

It is as important to stay true to yourself as to the people you have made promises with. It is common decency to only make a promise if you intend to keep it. Not making a promise is far better than making but failing to keep one. However, some promises may be broken on good faith and there are cases where you can’t keep a promise with legitimate excuses, because we never know what is going to happen next. Even if the person accepts your reasons and apologies, there will always be a little prick in his perception towards you.

In short, try as hard as possible to keep your promise, if you do fail to do so, sincerely ask for forgiveness, but the damage is done. A broken promise cannot me amended by a new promise.

The search for originality.

via Daily Prompt: Original

The late Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Margaret Thatcher once said:”Don’t follow the crowd, let the crowd follow you”.

Students are taught at school to not plagiarise, the quality of their work is graded for its content, structure, and originality. To follow or to copy is simple, everyone can do it with ease, but to stand out among your peers, you’re required to show your talents that are unique to you.

As far as I can remember, I have always been rather different from people I know. Whilst the majority of my school mates liked the latest pop songs, music bands, K-pop stars, I stuck to the literature and classical music I so desperately love. For instance, I would find much greater pleasure in rereading Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven” or Rudyard Kipling’s “If” than to listen to any K-pop song(I am by no means belittling fans of K-pop), which is considered “NORMAL” for people my age.

So, am I not “NORMAL“? Of course I’m not, being abnormal in my own ways make me…ME, it makes my personality, it makes me unique, most importantly, it makes me who I am. There are great benefits to this , let me elaborate, for example, people at school know me as the chap who likes classical music, because there are only a handful of my school mates, who obviously got along with me very well, who liked classical music, so, to a certain extent, originality leads to publicity, in a good way; if i were to be known as the chap who likes K-pop, no one would give a damn about that, almost everyone in school listens to K-pop, what makes you so special? So you see, never be afraid to be yourself and to be original.

Many, to my knowledge fail to be original due to the fear of being judged by the eyes of their peers. I have two words for you,”why bother?” Why bother what the other person thinks? He, she or it is entitled to their thoughts, and you are just as much entitled to be yourself, you have NO obligation whatsoever to please people. Just be happy being who you are doing what you are.

Lastly, let me end this moaning with a short poem I wrote. I am still a novice in the field of poetry, so please be nice and try not to laugh..HAHA

Never be afraid to part the crowd,
Leave out fear of failure and doubt.
You are your whole world and everything that’s in it.
Do what you please and be proud of it.


via Daily Prompt: Flattery

What is it about the glorious way you smile that makes me feel so full of life?
How do you never cease to make my heart take wing and wanting to just fly away?

How is it, that these mere little words so dear you write to me can make me feel bright for the rest of my day? Is it flattery? A fool might ask. Well, call it whatever you want, but when a man falls in love so severely he has no regard for the eyes of the world. He cares only about how his special little rose sees him.

Whenever I write to that special someone. I try to flatter her but not too much out of fear that it might make her notice my regards for her too soon and that it might make her feel uneasy. But, soon I realised that these words on paper were not of flattery nature but were sincere commendations from the heart. It is so hard to remain a friend to you, when I so desperately long to be more, but I am doubtful of how you feel, my sweetheart.jia1

Pic: A koi pond at my friend’s house, makes me ponder a lot when i visit.


It is so difficult to wait for the right moment for me to tell my Little Darling Sunshine how i feel about her. I couldn’t bear risking a chance that she might be offended by my actions, be it by a letter of confession or by telling it to her in person how my regards to her are.

I long to tell her how I feel towards her, but every time I get a chance to text her or to speak to her, I force myself to be extra careful not to say things that might make her uneasy.

And finally, the coward’s way out I’ve decided to take, to take to pen and paper and pour my heart and soul out, have it sealed in an envelope and waiting for the right chance to hand it to her. For that mere act of handing her a letter I will need all the courage I have and more, for whenever I see her charming smile, I lose my rational thinking.

I guess this is what it feels to be in love.

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Daily Prompt: Realize

via Daily Prompt: Realize

Ok,here goes,figuring out how to use these one-word prompts and I’m sure I’ll make a fool out of myself in the first few tries, but please bear with me, I will persevere.

A few years back, when I was in high school I was clueless about what i wanted to be, or to be more specific, which cause I wanted to pursue after graduating from high school.

Mother recommended I try out traditional Chinese medicine(TCM), which is a growing field in my country, Malaysia and sure is going to be a prevalent profession in the future. However, I sucked at math and as a consequence i ended up in the arts stream instead of science. Being in the arts stream, i was allowed to take 2 maths but only 1 science in the SPM examinations. The TCM course required 2 maths and 2 sciences, so time to reconsider my future.

Then, realising, but not to boast, that i was quite good in my language subjects particularly English, and one of my teachers even mentioned that i was good at quarrelling and that i should try out Law. I wasn’t too positive and keen about law at that time but nevertheless enrolled into a rather popular law school and did my Alevels there.

For a law degree the requirements are two passes in any Alevel subjects, I took three subjects just to be on the safe side,they were Law,Business and Economics. It was my Alevels law lecturer who got me intrigued and interested to the subject. He was very different in conducting lectures, he threw jokes at us all the time, and as a result, the messages he wanted to convey effectively got to us. He also gave out sweets all the time because he believed that when we have sweets in our mouths, we can be silent for that duration. It is truly amazing how an inspiring teacher can have such an impact on students.

Now, I’ve got through my Alevels, securing three B’s. And have happily proceeded to do my law degree (L.L.B.). And if I’m good and diligent enough, I’ll even be spending my third year in the UK. After which I’ll be sitting for the UK Bar exam to qualify as a barrister.

Hopefully this addresses the prompt ‘realisation’ adequately…😂




I have always found people to be extremely lucky to be able to share their lives with their grandparents. Grandparents play an exceptionally important role in a child’s upbringing, as a chinese saying goes “家有一老,如有一宝”,which means having an elderly in the family is like having a treasure.

The above picture with me my grandma and my baby sister in it was taken during my sister’s 1st birthday,back in the year 2000.

In 2015, just a day after the mid autumn festival, (the 16th day of the 8th lunar month), grandma lost her battle to lung cancer aged 77. In a blink of an eye, she has left us for more than a year and i would like to cease this opportunity to say  a few words about this amazing woman.

From what I’ve learnt from her over the years, she had always led quite a difficult life. She was abandoned by her birth parents but luckily, she was adopted by a spinster. She never had the chance to go to school due to poverty,  but she managed to self-learn chinese characters up to the extent where she is able to write and read. She once told me that she learnt chinese characters by acquiring old newspapers and trying to figure the words out herself, and when doubts arise, she would then ask around for guidance from the people in the association they joined. ( her adoptive mother came from 顺德,shunde, china to Malaysia and had joined a Shunde Association, set up by shunde people to help each other)

Fast forward to after she married my grandfather who drove lorries transporting construction material for a living, life had improved to a certain extent but they were still struggling with funds to make ends meet sometimes. They had 3 children to bring up, my two aunts  and my dad. According to my dad and my aunts, grandma has always been a very strict mother, everything must be prim and proper. Maybe it was this attitude that makes good well behaved children.

There was once when my grandfather had to undergo surgery, and when the breadwinner of the family was unable to work, my grandmother had to go our and work to feed her children. She went to learn from one of her friends’ mother, who was a Thai lady, how to cook Thai laksa noodles and started selling noodles in a local coffee shop. Until this day I have failed to find a Thai laksa recipe which is compatible with hers.

In 1992, my grandfather died in an accident, caused by construction materials falling from his lorry onto him. Another hard time for my grandmother but luckily by then her children had already grown up and started working.

5 years later, I was born and I had always loved her dearly. During school holidays I would spend the week staying at her place during which I would accompany her to the park for her morning walks, follow her on bus trips to the market, have this little small chats with her when both of us fail to fall asleep. And these sweet loving memories will be there to accompany me though my grandmother has left.

As a Buddhist, I know that nothing is permanent and all of us will pass through the stages of birth, old age, sickness and ultimately death. Bearing this thought in mind it mitigates the sadness and grief of losing someone dear.