Hospitality, a.k.a. rediscovering spirituality.

A few weeks back I stumbled upon the videos of Ajahn Brahm’s (a British Buddhist Monk) talks on Youtube. This monk is known for his humour and wit which makes Buddhism accessible and approachable. His talks focus more on how one improves oneself and has minimal aspects of RELIGION per se.

One of the best stories from the great monk is called “Opening the Door of Your Heart” inspired from what his father told him before he left home to become a monk. This story teaches oneself to make peace with one’s faults and mistakes, and instead of being ashamed of them, to “open the door of one’s hearts” to them, to make peace with all aspects, regardless of good or bad, of oneself.

When one accepts everything of oneself, there is no need for the constant endeavour to improve, and life becomes much more relaxing and peaceful. It is this hospitality that we give to ourselves, that we can liberate ourselves. And after opening the door of your heart to yourself, you extend that hospitality to others and open the door to them. According to Ajahn Brahm, people show you the side of them which you want to see, hence, if one sees kindness in another, kindness will be showed by the other to him.

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