Acts of folly

via Daily Prompt: Folly

More often than not, doing acts of sheer Folly now and then bring light and colour into our otherwise dull and boring lives.

For instance, a good friend of mine was having some troubles with the girl he was courting, and me being the nice chap I am, offered to offer my assistance as his draughtsman and strategist in ‘tackling’ that fair maiden of his.

One may ask, why do I even bother? And why would I mess with the lives of two lovers who have absolutely nothing to do with me? Well, my defence would be, I like to have fun and I sincerely wish to help others, especially friends of mine with their troubles if I have the leisure of time and the ability to do so.

If people were to regard me as nosy, I would plead guilty as charged, haha.

I believe that all these incidents will make good topics to be brought up during reunions in the distant future, and what is more, you’ll feel that you have made the lives of two better, and knowing that there are two less lonely people in the world is an extraordinary feeling.

Lastly, being the pious Buddhist I am, I strongly believe in the law of Karma, helping lovers get together, in my opinion are acts of kindness and hopefully some kind soul would do me the same in the future when I have such troubles.

Yours faithfully,



Author: Hoong

I'm a student of Chinese descent living in Malaysia, a nice little country, still love her deeply despite the many flaws she has. Pursuing a career in law, reading law at the moment and aspiring to be a prominent human rights lawyer. I blog with the intention to improve my english and writing skills. Please bear with me. HAHAHA

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