Banned Zone

via Daily Prompt: Banned

Some random thoughts~~~

The comfort zone, that is.

Cases and cases piling up to be read, there is of course the easy way out, by reading the case digests, which granted, is decent and healthy; but one can only get the most out of the case by reading the full judgments.

This applies to everything we do in life, take the more challenging route, ban yourself from your comfort zones, and you’ll find the final result even more satisfying. Trust me.


Author: 粤生

鄙人姓鄒名健鴻 字將儒 號玉樞 又號粵生。歷年雙十,甚羨中英眾作家寫作風采,不知天高地厚,遂自提禿筆嘗撰文章以求鍛煉中英寫作之藝。文多以風花雪月,品茶論書,吹水不抹嘴之類為多。望諸君共賞,不吝批評賜教。 粵生拜上。

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