Re: Reading.

Just a few personal thoughts on READING, enjoy.

Throughout my childhood, I’ve not been a voracious reader, I don’t mean that I don’t read at all it’s just that I’ve had friends who have read way more books than me.

If my memory serves me well, I started reading the newspapers when I was 9, the age when a boy’s curiosity is at its greatest, but some years later, I stopped, not that the passion for reading has died, but the realisation that the mainstream media in the country is owned and controlled by the ruling party, and the quality of news in questionable, so I read the papers less, I glance through the headlines without reading much of the content, most of which is rubbish anyways.

Then came books, in my high school years, I started reading a few books here and there purely for pleasure, I was particularly fond of Chinese Wuxia Novels(武侠小说) then , there were many books from this genre in my high school library. That library is full of treasure, with many many books older than me, some limited editions not even available in the market.

It was when I started reading law that the importance of wide reading struck me. My A levels lecturer told us that if we were to do well in law, we must have a strong command of the English language, and only by reading will you improve your quality of language, both written and spoken. So I started to buy books, I bought Dickens, Austen, Homer, the Great American Novels, fiction, non fiction, etc. I didn’t have much money then, but I would usually by a few books at the beginning of each month, when I get my pocket money from my parents. Looking back, I have spent more on books than on food.

Of course, I still have a long way to go before  I finish reading all of them, but at least there are books to entice, or force, me to read, and perhaps this liking of buying books is driven by the secret desire to have a private library? Many great men have had their own libraries, particularly well known to law students is the late Lord Denning, who noted how he has written books and poetry in his home library.

There is no specific way how I buy books, I just go to any bookshop, head towards the literature section and pick up whichever book that catches my eye. Another way is to find out reading lists of famous people, such as T. Roosevelt and A. Lincoln, and try to get and read what they have suggested reading.

I read books at a much slower pace compared to the average person because I like to make notes in the books albeit reading them for mere pleasure. When I read, I keep a pen and a dictionary near me, just in case any unfamiliar vocabulary appears. I write my thoughts and mostly arguments in the books themselves. Yes I like arguing with the characters and the authors of books, and my books are always messy, with writings, scribblings, underlining etc. all over the place. This is also another reason I like to buy my own books, where I can draw all over them and make them truly mine.

I strongly believe that having clean,neat books sitting on a shelf is not having book, that is having ink printed paper. If a person has a book which is worn and torn due to repetitive flipping and jotting down of notes he is considered to truly own a book.


Y.S. Chaiw.




Author: 粤生

鄙人姓鄒名健鴻 字將儒 號玉樞 又號粵生。歷年雙十,甚羨中英眾作家寫作風采,不知天高地厚,遂自提禿筆嘗撰文章以求鍛煉中英寫作之藝。文多以風花雪月,品茶論書,吹水不抹嘴之類為多。望諸君共賞,不吝批評賜教。 粵生拜上。

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