via Daily Prompt: Urgent

Haven’t been blogging for the past few days, due to a rather urgent piece of work due next monday.

Throughout the years, we were taught to differentiate between urgency and importance, and from what I’ve learnt, there are 4 categories.

  • Things that are urgent and important;
  • Urgent but not important;
  • Important but not urgent;
  • Neither important nor urgent.

I was taught at school some years back this method of categorising our various tasks in life and I find it to be quite useful a trick.

Perhaps you’d care to try it out for yourself.


Author: Hoong

I'm a student of Chinese descent living in Malaysia, a nice little country, still love her deeply despite the many flaws she has. Pursuing a career in law, reading law at the moment and aspiring to be a prominent human rights lawyer. I blog with the intention to improve my english and writing skills. Please bear with me. HAHAHA

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