Daily Prompt: Realize

via Daily Prompt: Realize

Ok,here goes,figuring out how to use these one-word prompts and I’m sure I’ll make a fool out of myself in the first few tries, but please bear with me, I will persevere.

A few years back, when I was in high school I was clueless about what i wanted to be, or to be more specific, which cause I wanted to pursue after graduating from high school.

Mother recommended I try out traditional Chinese medicine(TCM), which is a growing field in my country, Malaysia and sure is going to be a prevalent profession in the future. However, I sucked at math and as a consequence i ended up in the arts stream instead of science. Being in the arts stream, i was allowed to take 2 maths but only 1 science in the SPM examinations. The TCM course required 2 maths and 2 sciences, so time to reconsider my future.

Then, realising, but not to boast, that i was quite good in my language subjects particularly English, and one of my teachers even mentioned that i was good at quarrelling and that i should try out Law. I wasn’t too positive and keen about law at that time but nevertheless enrolled into a rather popular law school and did my Alevels there.

For a law degree the requirements are two passes in any Alevel subjects, I took three subjects just to be on the safe side,they were Law,Business and Economics. It was my Alevels law lecturer who got me intrigued and interested to the subject. He was very different in conducting lectures, he threw jokes at us all the time, and as a result, the messages he wanted to convey effectively got to us. He also gave out sweets all the time because he believed that when we have sweets in our mouths, we can be silent for that duration. It is truly amazing how an inspiring teacher can have such an impact on students.

Now, I’ve got through my Alevels, securing three B’s. And have happily proceeded to do my law degree (L.L.B.). And if I’m good and diligent enough, I’ll even be spending my third year in the UK. After which I’ll be sitting for the UK Bar exam to qualify as a barrister.

Hopefully this addresses the prompt ‘realisation’ adequately…😂


Author: 粤生

鄙人姓鄒名健鴻 字將儒 號玉樞 又號粵生。歷年雙十,甚羨中英眾作家寫作風采,不知天高地厚,遂自提禿筆嘗撰文章以求鍛煉中英寫作之藝。文多以風花雪月,品茶論書,吹水不抹嘴之類為多。望諸君共賞,不吝批評賜教。 粵生拜上。

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