It is so difficult to wait for the right moment for me to tell my Little Darling Sunshine how i feel about her. I couldn’t bear risking a chance that she might be offended by my actions, be it by a letter of confession or by telling it to her in person how my regards to her are.

I long to tell her how I feel towards her, but every time I get a chance to text her or to speak to her, I force myself to be extra careful not to say things that might make her uneasy.

And finally, the coward’s way out I’ve decided to take, to take to pen and paper and pour my heart and soul out, have it sealed in an envelope and waiting for the right chance to hand it to her. For that mere act of handing her a letter I will need all the courage I have and more, for whenever I see her charming smile, I lose my rational thinking.

I guess this is what it feels to be in love.

via Daily Prompt: Careful


Author: Hoong

I'm a student of Chinese descent living in Malaysia, a nice little country, still love her deeply despite the many flaws she has. Pursuing a career in law, reading law at the moment and aspiring to be a prominent human rights lawyer. I blog with the intention to improve my english and writing skills. Please bear with me. HAHAHA

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