Turning 21~ Some thoughts.

This entry is not written impromptu, instead it consists of excerpts from my diary entry dated the 7th of March (my birthday) and additions and subtractions here and there.

I have always been a person who celebrates his birthday rather simply, i.e. no elaborate and expensive parties, but rather, just having simple meals and drinking sessions with my immediate & extended family, and some good friends. The 21st birthday, which is the birthday so much emphasis is put upon by society somehow, (because you become a LEGAL adult apparently…), is not much different from any other birthdays. Be that as it may, I shall still endeavour to provide an account of today’s happy events to the best of my recollection and the ability of my ‘pen’.

Today’s class was revision session for Company Law, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., so I had the leisure of getting out of bed slightly later than I usually do. I was, as people usually are on birthdays, in a rather good mood. After showering, simply grooming, and dressing myself, I went downstairs to a bowl of ‘red eggs’ and a birthday note from mother. Hard boiled eggs with their shells dyed red are served almost at every Chinese person’s birthday, and from my knowledge, they symbolise that a person is embarking on a new journey (another year older) after his birthday, and to throw the eggshells away symbolises the removal of ‘all things bad’.

I had two eggs, a cup of Tetley’s Earl Grey and off to school I went in dad’s car. Received a red packet from dad and he wished me ‘快高长大’, which seems a little late for such a wish since I have way passed adolescence and hopes in growing 5 inches taller seem futile, but what the heck?! Hahahahaha.

Got to class just before 9 a.m. and had a little time to indulge myself in Frank McCourt’s brilliant work, Angela’s Ashes. It was also nice to have my friends and classmates wish me a happy birthday as I have feared that my introversion may have led some to see me as a stuck up jerk.

Although the class was for 3 hours, it felt like it went by in a jiffy, this again shows how, in the words of the Buddha, ‘the mind is the forerunner of all things’, when you’re in a good mood and enjoying yourself, time just flies by……

When class was dismissed, the group I hangout with treated me to lunch at One-Utama. We went in two cars, and they treated me to Japanese food and even brought me a birthday cake, how nice and sweet of them. Much sweeter than the sugar filled cake itself, of course!

When my candles were blown, comrade 仲宇 asked if my birthday wish can be revealed, and I said that my wish is for every single one of us to do well in our upcoming exams and without any hindrance, get into the universities we want.

But,,, my ‘other’ and more powerful birthday wish is, for me to never have to ever wish for anything ever again, and to be able to be content, happy, and at peace with whatever, pleasant or unpleasant, that life has to offer-a truly ‘Buddhist’ wish.

After feasting, excitement was needed, and another comrade of mine, C W brought us to the ‘upper roof’ floor of the mall to get a taste of baseball, a sport familiarised by Malaysians through American TV programmes but not physically.

We played against the automated machines, where tokens are inserted and the balls shot towards you at the speed you set, and you try to hit the balls with the baseball bats provided. Helmets were also provided lest they get sued by law students who have a bit of knowledge on the Law of Tort if they get hit on the head. Every token entitles you to 15 balls, and the balls are quite difficult to hit despite it looking very easy in movies. Had great fun.

Unfortunately, we forgot to take a group photo before going our separate ways.

When I got home, I had a shower and had a round of 2 teas whilst waiting for the family to come back.

Mother bought crabs, chicken wings, prawns, and fried rice from Fatty Crab and almost inevitably, every time she buys Fatty Crab, we undergo a carbo-load.

As an advocate of handwritten correspondence, my mother and I have the practice of writing towards each other on occasions such as birthdays. Today I received a letter from mother and I take the liberty of producing some excerpts of it below:

21 years of having you has been the greatest experience any parent could achieve. I am confident that you will succeed in your studies and career and be a good person. We have never pressured you to be the top scorer in school. We just want you to be happy in your life, lead the life of a good Buddhist and be less critical of the people & situations around you.

Things, happenings, and people whom you have no influence over, just leave them out- don’t be bothered and don’t let them bother you.

…it dawned on me that you will be leaving ‘the nest’ soon in a few months’ time. Whilst I am excited about your leaving, I am also sad to see you go. Take care of yourself when you are away and stay out of trouble. 🙂

Words fail me in trying to describe the complex emotions I get from reading this letter from mother, I struggle to hold in some of the tears, and my eyes turn watery.

Y.S. Chaiw


Me smiling and not knowing what to do in front of the cake~


Essence of the Tao.

The essence of Lao Tzu’s  great work~ the Tao Te Ching, is for man to adhere to the laws of nature.


In Lao Tzu’s words, ‘Nature does not rush, and yet everything is accomplished’.

Some might argue that Lao Tzu’s work encourages laziness and sloth. But, in this writer’s humble opinion, what Lao Tzu writes in his work is to urge us to work and endeavour with a correct mindset and not to ask from the world what it cannot offer.

Also, the essence of Tao is to accept things as they occur and not to interfere with them. The best example of this attitude can be seen, presented immaculately by the photographers of national geographic.

These photographers carry rifles with them on their expeditions for self defence, and in the peculiar case of the lions, whenever a male lion defeats another in battle and becomes king of the pride, it will kill off all cubs of the defeated lion. Most people with a rifle in hand seeing a spectacle like this would have the urge to either fire a bullet to save the cubs or to scare the male lion away and run to the cubs’ resuce, however, these photographers, adhering to the Tao, (either inadvertently or otherwise) refrain from doing so and merely capture through the lenses of their cameras what nature has to offer. They do not interfere in such cases because it is NATURAL~

Too often, humans try to interfere with nature. For instance, sicknesses are part of life, but we ever so often try to cure and get rid of sickness once it comes. ‘Sickness’ has been given a ‘bad reputation’. The next time you get sick, just make peace with it, welcome it, accept it as a part of nature, and naturally, sicknesses heal~

In this regard, Taoism and Buddhism share a same philosophy~

Some random thoughts on a sleepless night~

By, Y.S. Chaiw.

“断篷船,无家犬” 千里觅知音,未果。




我出门旅游目的有三。其一,增广见闻; 其二,争取时间多阅读课外书籍 (这次带了两本书,Stephen King先生 的 《Misery》 和南怀瑾先生的 《历史的经验》, 也幸亏读完了一本); 其三, 补充上学所遗漏的睡眠。 三个目的里,我看不到“唱歌娱乐大众”的一项。

几经推辞不果,解释了别的歌曲我都不唱,只唱粤曲,领队还是坚持要我唱,那好吧。。。向来贪玩的我,别人叫到就姑且奉陪,唱什么歌当然由我做主。心想:唱首帝女花给他们见识见识,一来他们肯定不会比我更了解帝女花和唐涤生,唱错也大概没多少个人会懂; 二来,虽然机会渺茫,为我们的粤剧文化略尽绵力,推动推动让它多为几人所知。

《帝女花》全剧长三小时(我竟然也听了近三十多遍,疯癫或钟情?),唱那段好? “香夭”太广为人知,“春江花月夜”之调,配上“落花满天敝月光” 之词经常会让人唱成“落街无钱买面包”,所以绝大部分华人,尤其上了年纪的,都或多或少会对“香夭”有印象。

而且“香夭”须有花旦陪唱,想了半晌,决定唱“庵遇”开头,周世显路过维摩观那段。 本身非常喜欢那段的旋律配上唐先生极具国学修养的词。

我飘零犹似断蓬船 惨淡更如无家犬
哭此日山河易主 痛先帝白练无情呀
歌罢酒筵空 梦断巫山凤
雪肤花貌化游魂 玉砌珠帘皆血影
幸有涕泪哭茶庵 愧无青冢祭芳魂
落花已随波浪去 不复有粉剩脂零

唱完后,午饭时,一位大叔拍我肩膀说我拉音拉的不错,刹那间我以为找上知音,不料他却问我这是不是《紫钗记》,原来,又是一次觅知音不果。 那位大叔原来只懂《紫钗记》的“剑合钗圆”,被我告知《紫钗》全剧唱三小时也大吃一惊。 可见马来西亚人里,爱粤剧爱的入迷的朋友真的不多。


粤生 拜上~




醉石山人亂話篇 (一)

星期四課後有空,筆者攜好友到蘇丹街“龍寶齋”購買已裝裱好宣紙的捲軸,意圖到書法班向書法老師討幾個字。 到了“龍寶齋”見到琳瑯滿目的名石印章,心弦一動,心中難忍引誘,立馬蹲下來挑選幾枚心儀的印章。


買了名石,自然對它敬重三分,未敢放肆去雕刻它,反之把它小心翼翼將它安置於錦盒內。翻箱倒櫃的找出之前所囤積起來的瑕疵印章進行練習。刻了一枚‘粵生’(自藏) 和一枚 ‘葉永宏’(贈友)。 篆刻印面倒還像樣,只是刻邊款的功夫尚未到家。



每片森林皆由成千上萬棵不一樣的樹組成,每一棵樹都是森林的一份子。倘若讀者有暇,且到森林裡走一趟,選出一棵您認為最漂亮的樹。 筆者猜您將會把樹幹筆直,樹皮光滑,枝椏分佈均勻的樹淘汰。

最“美”的樹,往往因其多年經風霜雨雷而左傾右斜,樹幹彎曲,樹皮被害蟲侵蝕而顯出紋理來,多半有枯木逢春之感,被閃電劈下的枝椏成為禽鳥棲息之處,等等。 以上種種,的破壞,傷害,不但沒讓一棵樹變‘醜’,反而這些遭遇,造就了一棵極具藝術價值的奇樹。


不要因為你過去的遭遇而自卑,也不要一直活在過去,讓過去日日夜夜的侵蝕你,what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger. 將過去所遭受的挫折、傷害、與種種不得意的事情,當作極為惡臭的糞便,把它埋入您的花圃裡,時間一到,百花爭芳,滿園馨芬。可是,當您在享受著紅綠爭艷時,您須知道這一切都拜過去的大便所賜。



粵生 拜上






每當見別人談戀愛炫耀或者遇上什麼心理不平衡之事,我都放下手頭上的工作,第一時間挑水磨墨,臨幾個字,一肚子氣就會逐漸拋於九天之外。難怪古人都說書法能養生。 希望能夠,少刷社交媒體,多看書,多練字。別成為社會裡所謂的“一般人”。

不求善於別人,只求與眾不同,鶴立雞群。 何須別人認同?也莫須逢迎別人。桐高鳳必至,花香蝶自來。






俗語有云:“新屎坑三日香”。 取字號不到半年,念著念著,覺得自己其實並沒有很喜歡“景羽”這個表字。內心深處感覺抄襲沈慕羽老前輩名字得來的表字始終有不妥,而且也不夠創意,舊字普通話與粵語平仄也不大妙,故翻閱字詞典,立心從新取字,順便多取一別號。


已有的別號“玉樞”,再取也乾脆取個“Y S” 開頭的,祖輩來自廣東梅縣,一于取號為粵生。至今,粵生這號被我用的最多,連上課點名錄上簽字也簽“粵生”二字。

取得字號,理所當然應該讓它多為人所使用。故將部落格標題改為《粵生書》。 Tag line設為“洗硯寫春光,揮筆弄彩霞”。 前句引用(抄襲)豐子愷先生,後句改寫(也是抄襲)於王莽的“早晚勤揮筆春秋醉忘名”。

再進一步,孫逸仙先生簽署英文文件署名皆為 Dr. Sun Yat Sen. 我也有樣學樣,每當發表英文文章之類,皆以 Y.S. Chaiw 署名。 或許會有人覺得此時此日,取字號實為多餘,老土。你別管我啊,我反而覺得字號文化博大精深無比浪漫。你大可連姓名也改掉,讓我抱著我和我的字號“自作酒中仙”。

所以,諸位,如若見到我,喊上一句健鴻的話,我還是會回應你的,但我甚期待會有人以我的字號相稱。如今已有兩位好友稱我為將儒兄。此二君亦被我所影響,各自都取了字號。(孫江兄,仲宇兄 雅安)。希望由我輩帶頭,重燃華夏子弟字號文化的餘燼。


粵生 拜上

《閒談·其二》a.k.a. 再來一篇(騙)




想到描寫好音樂的文章,必然能見膚淺之徒以杜工部《贈花卿》的“此曲只應天上有”來形容。凡見用這句詩來讚揚音樂,我都嗤之以一笑,可嘆讀書人讀書少,連杜工部在諷刺花卿的高傲也不以為然,以為工部真在讚揚。真所謂 不學詩 無以言。


談及姓, 名, 字, 號,甚羨古人都有所區分,如 姓諸葛名亮 字孔明 號臥龍,無比的浪漫與瀟灑。故,我也逐漸不知羞恥的學古人取字號。哈哈。 古人字號,必與其名有關,名亮 字孔明, 明與亮有關;故 名健鴻 取字景羽,‘鴻’與‘羽’ 勉強可扯上關係,但也可理解成 ‘景慕關羽’ 也可以理解成,抄襲沈慕羽老前輩的名字。

然而號玉樞,就完全沒想過理由,覺得好聽就用罷。然而近來又取號湛源,湛字處於詩經小雅,當念成zhan時有清澈、飽滿之意。故取之代表清澈的源泉,好靈感長湧不止。若念成dan 或 jian 或 chen就感覺意思比較消極。。所以,取名之類最好先翻閱辭海,中文字,博大精深。